Relations of primary energy intensity and efficiency of energy transformation


The state of global energy efficiency


In an increasingly globalized and competitive world, countries and businesses that use resources efficiently increase their productivity and competitiveness. Energy is probably the most important resource of all because it is at the heart of one of the biggest challenges we face in the 21st century: meeting the world’s fast-growing demand for energy while slowing climate change. Tackling this challenge successfully requires us above all to use energy more efficiently.

Lack of awareness is one of the biggest barriers to the implementation of energy efficiency solutions, even though the savings these solutions create typically offset the investment required.

The interactive maps provided here are a contribution to raising awareness about the gap between what is being done and what could be done. The best performing countries show just how much can already be achieved today, with existing technology. The numbers come from Enerdata, a provider of energy data, and each page includes an overview of the methodology used in the calculations.

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Trends in global energy efficiency

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